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Video Production and Your Brand

Professional Videos Enhance Your Brand!

Capturing Video for your Company

With phones today and the image quality they offer do we really need to hire a Professional Video Production Company to create videos for us?


When you hire a production company like Sojourn Media you are getting more than what your phone offers. Yes your iPhone or Android can capture videos with high quality image capability but do they offer strategy, impactful storytelling, professional motion graphics, high definition audio and music, professional lighting, drone footage, etc..? There may be a few apps out there to enhance your video but hiring professionals like us takes your videos to a new level of production value.


Anyone can film a video on their phone and post it to friends. The question you must ask is, "Does this video make my brand stand out and look professional?" We have all seen companies or brands make videos that are almost tough to watch. The audio is horrible, the composition of the video is awkward, and there seems to be little creativity displayed.

As a video production company we want to help you put your best foot forward. We want to help you create content that is professional, captivating and ultimately creates a stellar return on investment.

Investing in your brand and setting yourself apart will ultimately convey to your audience and customers; that you take your brand serious, that you go the extra mile, that you value professionalism.


There is so much more data and research out there that ultimately point to video being a highly profitable investment. Video is not the silver bullet. Graphics, photos, and web-design among other marketing tools can help you extend your reach along side of video so it is important that we each use are marketing budget wisely. But, video is leading the charge. It's dominating the internet. You have a story to tell, a product to sell, an action you want people to take and there is no better time then now to do that through video.

At Sojourn Media we would be honored and privileged to take the journey with you. Let's connect and let us help you extend your reach with a great investment in a high quality video.

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