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Video Action Plan - Questionnaire

We aim to better understand your business, target audience, content goals, and visual style preferences to create customized video marketing solutions tailored specifically for your brand.

This short needs assessment survey will help guide an informed discussion about potential video action steps that align with your business objectives and resources. We will ask strategic questions about your overall goals, metrics for success, production capabilities, and more.

The survey should take 10-15 minutes and your responses will only be seen by our video production team to ideate concepts and formulate project plans. We will not share or distribute your survey responses outside of that intended purpose without your permission.

After you complete the survey, we will schedule a follow-up call to present initial video campaign ideas, discuss creative directions that resonate with your brand voice, and outline the next steps for production.

We find this survey approach allows us to craft more meaningful video marketing programs while streamlining the planning process for our clients. We look forward to learning more about how video might uniquely meet your business needs and bring your brand story to life.

Please reach out if you have any other questions as you fill out the survey!

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