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Trusted Video Production and Digital Marketing Led by Veteran Producers Leah & Eric Stelzer

Married creative partners Leah and Eric Stelzer lead this results-driven video production company. With deep expertise in videography, editing, storytelling, and strategic video marketing, this experienced team develops custom video solutions for brands.

Video Editing Timeline

About Us

We optimize your growth!

We specialize in high-impact video marketing campaigns optimized to drive revenue growth for established small businesses like yours. Our full-service packages allow our clients to streamline their marketing efforts.

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Meet The Team

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Eric Stelzer

Production Director &


Eric is a seasoned videographer and video editor, spending 12 years perfecting his video production skills. He owns and manages Sojourn Media with his wife, Leah.

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Leah Stelzer

Production Manager &

Communications Director

Leah built up her marketing expertise over a 10-year career working as a business and marketing manager for small to mid-sized businesses in the UK and US. She spearheads the creative direction for Sojourn Media's marketing projects.

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