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Man Preparing to Fly a Drone

Comprehensive Aerial Photography and Videography Services

Soar above the competition with our FAA-compliant Aerial Videography & Photography Services - Captivating aerial footage to elevate your brand and marketing campaigns.

Elevate your marketing with Sojourn's 
Licensed Aerial Video & Photo Services

Aerial Photography and Videography

We offer comprehensive aerial photography and videography services to capture stunning, unique perspectives for our clients. Leveraging state-of-the-art drone technology, our FAA-licensed pilots and aerial videographers can provide breathtaking aerial footage and photography to elevate your marketing, storytelling, and business needs.


Whether you require aerial coverage for a real estate property, construction site, special event, or any other application, our team has the expertise and equipment to deliver exceptional results. We follow all FAA regulations and operate under approved Part 107 commercial drone pilot licenses, ensuring the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

Our aerial services include:

  • Aerial photography for real estate, architecture, and landscapes

  • Aerial videography for marketing, event coverage, and creative projects

  • Seamless integration of drone footage with ground-based video production

  • Detailed aerial mapping and surveying capabilities

  • Precision flight operations in tight spaces or challenging environments

  • Experienced pilots trained in both flight and cinematography


By combining our aerial expertise with our in-house video production capabilities, we can craft visually stunning, high-impact content that sets your business apart. Our aerial footage can be integrated into promotional videos, social media content, website videos, and much more.

Invest in the power of an aerial perspective and let our FAA-licensed team capture your story from new heights. Contact us today to discuss how our aerial video production services can elevate your next project.

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