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DIY or Hire a Pro? The Pros and Cons of Making Your Own Videos vs Working with Video Professionals



Video content has become a must for businesses and organizations of all sizes. But producing high-quality video requires equipment, skills, and effort. This leaves many wondering - when is it best to hire professionals versus trying to DIY video production? This article examines the pros and cons of each approach.

DIY Video Production: The Pros

  • Cost effective - Producing videos yourself requires no outside hiring budget. Just use the equipment you already own. This is the biggest advantage for cash-strapped organizations.

  • Creative control - You maintain complete control over the video creative, messaging, casting, and editing.

  • Learn new skills - Doing it yourself lets you gain hands-on experience with cameras, lighting, audio, and editing software. This expands your team’s multimedia skillset.

DIY Video Production: The Cons

  • Time commitment - Shooting and editing high-quality video is extremely time intensive. This can pull your staff away from core tasks.

  • Equipment limitations - Most businesses only have amateur grade cameras, audio gear, lighting, and editing software. Results often look unpolished.

  • Limited expertise - Unless you have a skilled videographer on staff, you’ll struggle creating professional level video content.

When to Hire Professionals (Our Free Production Pricing Calculator):

  • Brand videos - Videos that represent your brand or promote your products/services require high production value. Hiring pros is advised.

  • Campaign videos - For video campaigns across multiple platforms, consistency and quality are key. Professionals can deliver this.

  • Live events - For conferences, performances, or presentations, experienced camera crews ensure flawless execution.

  • Animated explainer videos - Animated video requires specialized motion graphic skills beyond most in-house teams.

The Benefits of Professional Video Production (View Our Work):

  • Broadcast quality equipment - Pro gear like 4K cameras, cinema lenses, pro audio, and 3-point lighting delivers polished results.

  • Experienced crew - A dedicated producer, videographer, and editor work together to create amazing videos efficiently.

  • Post production services - Professional editing, motion graphics, animation, and color correction bring videos to the next level.

  • Project management - Creatives handle all planning, logistics, scheduling, casting, scouting, and budgeting.

The Bottom Line:

Analyze your video goals, resources, and team skills. For professional brand videos on a budget, hire pros just for the shoot and edit in-house. For high-volume or highly produced videos, bring in an experienced crew. But for simpler videos, DIY using best practices.

If you want to chat more and need help weighing DIY versus pro video production for your next project, connect with us today for a free consultation. We’d be happy to chat more about the options and make recommendations based on your needs. Reach out anytime!

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